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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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this city berlin as well as germany and europe through the lens of photography and then i'll ship. but 1st we're off to the glitz and glamour of the coat in the south of france yes it's the film festival in cannes 19 new films vying for the palme d'or and of course hollywood is there in force bought it's not all about the red carpet all the competition can is a great place to premiere your movie and one of the big debuts there is a biopic about the life of elton john called rock. for more let's go straight over and join oh man scott. hi scott now rocket man isn't in the competition but it is it's the biggest film premiering this year isn't it yeah definitely being caught how can you out glam elton john you know that i have
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it is middle named it's it's amazing it's also a perfect for can because it's a huge big a hollywood blockbuster with just a little bit of edge just a little bit of darkness to give it a bit of credibility here i have to say the cannes film festival got off to a little bit of a slow start but if you'll excuse the pun i think with rocket man the past is about to really take off. and now the guard who's playing out and tear and. he sings all the songs in the film which is astounding to hear is that how he got the role really. yeah i mean elton john was deeply involved in the making of this movie and he made a deal breaker that they had to find an actor who could not only deliver as an actor but really deliver as a singer and after hearing edgerton saying john played in the page in the really the ultimate compliment he said this guy you know what he except myself obviously
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sings my songs as well as parent edgerton. wow any right ok stay with the scotts let's have a look at his performance in the film and my producer. isn't actually incredibly bright. and said do you have ever heard anyone say the muslims better the entire. albums tongs or the defining moments in people's lives and the songs that you do come from a place of our. times actually singing in the film. and he's so convincing than his voice is incredible. the lives of. those who there's anyone in the world who could put up its time for this role. you see that.
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has been the greatest joy of more professional life making this for. significant last. century. wow scott i guess the costume designer must have had. yeah julian david is on the cautious this film he said it was a dream come true i mean he had such incredible source material to draw i mean all the phenomenal cautions that elton john has worn over the decades in his pop career and he used those cautions the real caution is to inspire the look of this film designed his own you know phenomenal number i mean 50 sunglasses 50 pairs of shoes on an endless array of phenomenal their outfits but it's not just window dressing here because costumes are sort of a key to the character because john himself has said that he only really
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transformed from reginald white the real reginald white into this icon elton john after putting on the costume and becoming that persona before he went on stage now this comes after the huge success of the he mean rhapsody the queen movie about queen front and freddie mercury in the also. you know it's a huge success all over the world do you expect but it was quite controversial was controversy about it do you expect a similar things happen with this film. well be interesting to see because there's a direct connection between bohemian rhapsody and this film because dexter fletcher who directed rocket man he was the director brought on to finish me and raps the after the original director of that film was fired and only raps the it was very very successful as you say but it was controversial because a lot of people accused. the filmmakers and the producers of sort of white washing
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. freddie mercury's real life particularly his life as a gay man his sexuality of sort of avoiding the subject or dealing with it a very very poor and tasteless way dexter collector for rocket man i said yes promise this will be a warts and all betrayal of elton john but he also said he was mixing fantasy and reality in this movie so it will be interesting it seems the promise that we're going to see we're going to have a price we're going to have the sex but you also have some of the magic that went into making c. icon elton john galt thank you very much enjoy yourself in cabinets much nicer weather than here but and thanks very much. now perhaps it's my age but violent in the city to get a younger and younger just a couple of days ago another they have nero violinist from slovakia stunned audiences with his virtual city as a concert in berlin tayo gap before mendelssohn's violin concerto with some professional violinist done approach until that well established fearlessness of
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youth here yes. highly talented d.p. concentrated t.-o. katla is the soloist at this scala concert at the berlin cathedral and he's in some old. sweetie from testing. i really liked it and it was like. i think i played good. and i i and let me. get listen to her pretensions ranged from delicate and subtle to gripping really dynamic the violin concerto by felix mendelssohn is a challenging task even for more experienced soloists.
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plays with fantastic virtuosity or fantastic technique or even his phrasing and musicality are what you would expect from a 35 year old not an 11 year old is really a child prodigy. tio get let is often called a child prodigy but he doesn't seem to care what label people give him during the final rehearsal just hours before the concert he's only interested in the acoustics of the berlin cathedral. little bit off. the record perfect i played in the churches and this is good perfect because it is not too messy and it's not too clear so it's in the middle 6 6. get low plays on an instrument appropriate for someone his age and 3 quarters science violin made an 853 by gianbattista. he spends
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4 hours a day practicing and he started playing at the age of 3 and a half. he's already taken part in numerous master classes working with top teachers to develop his talent. but his parents make sure that t.o. is able to remain a child despite the high expectations placed on him after the final rehearsal t.-o. heads off to enjoy some free time. and burn off excess energy before the concert he says no matter what's happening in his live music always prince enjoy. now european union elections are upon us soon and so we've been looking at various countries in the e.u. through the eyes of the artists who live there today the biggest e.u.
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member that's ours here in germany and with this city girl in the capital a look at life here through the eyes of photographer i met a how should. i met or how she did as a chronicler of our time the photographer 1st came to the german capital 30 years ago just before the fall of the berlin wall. she takes us on a photo safari across the city on a bus route that cuts through all sections of society. the same way. the bus line goes straight through the from poorer more my current areas to the better known trendy neighborhoods right through to the wealthier areas with the villas it's been fertile. sept i get the feeling that a lot of people do want to talk about themselves to tell their stories and sometimes someone with a camera can give them that opportunity to speak. for timeless classic photos capture people from all walks of life. the photographer gives her subjects
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time she talks with them and she whispers. nothing in you give me a beer. gets enough of us an hour or. 2 sisters after a night out on the town. to have walked. these are photos tell stories of sorrow and of hope. 15 years ago house or documents of the. size of a new generation with her series youth in europe. it was a time when more and more countries wanted to join in and take part in the promise of the european union. is that at that time there was an atmosphere of optimism when it came to the e.u. . there was relatively little criticism for young people there was suddenly the
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opportunity to settle anywhere to study basically wherever you wanted. about the mood has changed considerably now how shows work looks to the borders of the e.u. to asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean those at the gates of europe. i try not to focus too much on the refugees but on those helping the organizes who for me really stand for european values. perspective the e.u. is not just a promise it's also a responsibility. and we'll have full rights from around the e.u. as europe heads towards elections you can catch them here on arts and culture all on a. special this weekend and finally made a rabbit has just. its project.
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price ever paid for work. painting fresh over $100000000.00 in new york so the op is very much alive and kicking and. children. making millions out of it. to. enter the conflict zone
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confronting the powerful. trial of conflict separatist leaders over the failed independence fever has laid some stuff divisions in spanish society my guess this week here in madrid is sprains foreign minister use it around how does he answer the charge that the trials are fundamentally unfair. conflicts of. double. action packed life or bookmarklet do you mean. anything's possible as long as i because he and his friends can dream are not that. this movie theater. job refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema jump starts may 27th on t.w. . house if you don't know. where i come from but all of that to get to cisco it's just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am as a boy was reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's photo is one of the things i miss the most but better taking a step back i see things and it's a difference when our. men have put suppressed as noted on a shelf that exists as a part of the wall haven't been implemented in china pats me if i'm not up to. it's a full wondering if they're going to take it but if you for having arrived
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a letter to tell you this is the job of just under 31 how i see it and why i left my job because i tried to do it exactly made everything. by name of the uninsured and i was deputy 2. u.s. president donald trump has announced plans to tighten immigration making it tougher to gain entry into the country trump wants immigrants to have better english proficiency and more job skills and he wants to reduce the number of asylum seekers but the initiative stands little chance of passing through a sharply divided congress.

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